Dogs and Birds Bonding Tips

Do you guys have a bird and dog that co exist In Your home? If so, how did you get the dog used to your bird? My dogs mouth start to drool every time he sees a bird.


My dogs and birds coexist peacefully. But I think that a big reason for that is that my birds are bigger than my dogs. However, I am still very aware that my dogs could injure or kill my birds and, in my case, vice versa. If your dog has a high prey drive, you will never be truly safe to let them be near each other. Some people may disagree with me, but even my tiny dogs stay put up if my birds are out and about in the common areas. The safest thing to do is to keep them separated.

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yup, this is exactly what we do. we spend a certain amount of times with the dogs to play and love and them and then we put them up so that we can love on the birds and spend some time with them. The thing about my dogs is that they will be using their brain and know that they shouldn’t eat another animal that I am holding but as soon as my birds just or something like that, something triggers in their brain that says (“you should eat that bird”). so, to avoid and heartaches and lose of babies, we just keep them separate


I would definitely say it’s a case by case scenario. high strung dogs may not do so well. we had a blueheeler/border collie cross, definitely high strung dog, but because she was so well loved for, when we put the bird on her (lutino cockatiel) she would just have eyes of worry while she walked around.

I’m more curious about getting cats n birds to get along. we have a lot of cats…a 16 senior male who was a big bird killer when he was out, so doubtful there’s any chance to habituate him to a bird unless I got something big…then three adolescent adults who are about a year n a half old each…two have always been indoor and one was a rescue from the other week (as my intro story shared) and then my wife tells me we’re likely to keep one or two of the three kittens the the rescue just had. the rescue was an outdoor cat, so likely preyed on birds as well.