Dolphin adopts whale baby

Another case of an interspecies adoption in the wild. They don’t know how or why it happened but the mother dolphin fed and cared for the baby whale along her own daughter for three whole years! And they say that only humans have souls… Ha! … AxMTY0NAS2

After a dog adopted ducklings and fed them I can believe anything. In that video the mother dog was lifted to show the ducklings attached to the mothers teats.

Liz, I don’t know what you saw but I find that to be so highly improbable to be impossible. Think about it… For one thing, ducklings drinking dog milk would die but even if they did survive on it (doubtful), ducklings are not only not mammals (they would not have the instinct to suckle), they can’t even create any suction with a beak! Ducklings are highly precocial so, as soon as they are born, they take off walking, running, swimming and eating on their own - they don’t need a mother to feed them and would not look for one. I hope they did not glue the beaks to the poor dog’s tits just to take a picture of it…

I wish you had seen the video. The ducks nursed for one day then made the dog crazy by wandering off and eating duck food.