Dolphins have names, too!

It seems that using proper names is not restricted to humans and parrots… And I bet you that we will find out, in the future, that many more species use them, too. I bet you anything apes and elephants do! … -242789930

Chickens do too. Rocky the rooster would use different sounds for each of his 6 hens. They knew who he was talking to. They were in my back yard so I spent enough time with them to pick this up. One of the hens jumped the 5 foot fence and he was yelling at her to get back in. She didn’t so he went after her and put her back in.

Well, he just couldn’t let the hottie run around, could he?

Pajarita wrote::lol: Well, he just couldn’t let the hottie run around, could he?I learned so much about chickens from them. Rocky was lord and master and the hens used to jossel on the perch to be the one close to him. They would climb over and under each other while they were preparing to go to sleep. They would perch on the back deck rail outside my kitchen window. One night Rocky had all his hens but one perched. He called to the one who was still out and she ignored him. This went on for a while until he jumped down and ran her around the shed and up on the rail. Before this I thought that roosters just messed up eggs.