Drake has arrived

So Drake got here late last night. He seems to have come right out of the crate excited to see me and was all sorts of bird version of unhappy when I put him to bed for the night. This morning he is up and demands to sit on my shoulder. If I take him off and put him down he paces, clicks, bobs his head and will try to fly to me to get back on my shoulder. He just sits there and preens himself, occasionaly he clicks or whistles, then he seems to watch tv (mtv video music awards). Ive tried to get him to play, or eat some snacks, but nope just preen, make occasional noise and sit there. Hes quite affectionate he seems to like being petted and loves head rubs. Overall its going wonderfully. Only issue was the late night to get him home, but it was worth it. Oh and the sleeping on the couch in the next room to ensure his first night went well (I was a little paranoid).

Is this the African grey? I can provide you some basic help for him.

Yes Nicrosis it is the Grey. I welcome whatever help you want to give. Help for his care is why I am here after all.

Coolio! Start making foraging toys out of newspapers. Greys love to tear into newspapers. Also, wait a week before worrying about training.Finally. PICS!

I will definitely make some foraging toys, thanks for the tip. Above: We had just got home and he came out of the crate hopped on my hand and worked his way up to his favorite spot. Above: Hes mad I was trying to get him to eat and not be on my shoulder for a second. It didnt work out. He got on my shoulder anyways. Hes persistent.

Also I will definitely give him time to adjust before any training. He already seems pretty tame. He steps up on command etc. I think he may be older then they said he was. His health certificate says he is 5 months, but they told me he was 4 months. They either worked with him a lot while he was weaned or something, that and his eyes are already greyish with a slight hint of yellow and I read that does not occur this early. I will be taking him to the vet and seeing what they have to say, but I love him just want to make sure he is healthy and happy.

You’re going to go ahead and not let him on your shoulder too much XD. Loki probably only spends an hour of out of cage time on my shoulder. The other 3 or so hours are spent on a perch, or doing training. The shoulder thing is a complete sign of dominance.Good choice on the timneh!

The shoulder thing has absolutely nothing to do with dominance, and I really don’t know where you came up with this idea. Parrot do not live in a dominance based society, they live in a flock whose social structure is based on each bird being equal to any other bird in the flock. There is no alpha male or female telling the others how to behave or how to act or what to do. You and I are predators and such a social structure is normal to us, mostly, but does not work with parrots. Natalie; I noticed that your Grey has a band on his leg, look on it as it may have a date on it, these bands can only be placed on the bird at a certain age. If the bird is too young the band will come off and if the bird is too old they can’t be put on. There should also be a number , letter or something that indicated who the breeder is. Greys are very needy birds and your bird will want to spend all or nearly all of his time with you, the reason for this at his age is that you are now his parent and he looks to you for everything from food and water and how to best get it to how he should behave. Also they are never alone in their natural habitat from the time they hatch till the day they die. He is a nice looking bird and I wish nothing but the best for you and Drake, If I can help in any way let me know.

Thanks Wolf, he does have a leg band. It however does not have a date on it. It just says US Parrots 618. When I google that there is an US Parrots in Florida, but that is not where I got my bird. I think the place I bought my bird from must have got him there, which is totally not what they told me. Not sure what to do with this information though. Supposed I could call and as US Parrots not sure if or what they could tell me.