Dumbest questions people ask about your parrot?

What are the dumbest questions you get asked about your parrot(s)?

For whatever reason, one of the most common questions I get is “Is it real.” I usually give some sarcastic answer and they don’t get it. Why would I drag around a stuffed toy on a string?

My parents always ask "why would you pay so much for a bird?". yea, I paid $250 for Jake, they paid 6 grand for a poorly bred shiba inu puppy

I can’t really think of any really dumb questions people have asked, but I try to avoid judging people on that because just a year ago I knew virtually nothing about parrots myself. I did have a “thought it was a toy” incident with Winnie one time a while back though, haha. I had her over at a friend’s house to meet a few people and she was sitting on her perch when my friend’s wife came in. Wife just kind of glanced at Winnie and started talking to somebody else. A couple minutes later I picked Winnie up to introduce her to a couple more people and my friend’s wife says “Oh my god, that’s your parrot??? I thought it was a toy!!!” (this is someone who knew I owned a parrot, btw - yeah, I just brought over a toy bird instead of my real one ).I think a lot of people envision a “parrot” as being a huge bird like a Scarlet Macaw and when they see a little one like a Senegal or Quaker they don’t know what kind of bird it is.

miajag wrote:I think a lot of people envision a “parrot” as being a huge bird like a Scarlet Macaw and when they see a little one like a Senegal or Quaker they don’t know what kind of bird it is.One time we took Jake to a store. The cashier asked “so when does he get big?” and motioned with her hands the size (about as big as a giant macaw)

Ah yes, that’s another one. People don’t believe me that Kili is the adult and Truman is the baby. They just can’t add things up and realize that they are different species. And they don’t believe me that they aren’t going to grow any more. I have people who have seen Kili for 2 years telling me each time that they think she’s grown and gotten bigger. I have been consistently weighing her for two years and know she hasn’t grown at all. Then they assure me I don’t know because I see her daily and don’t notice the gradual growth.I’m well aware that there are beginner owners, but what really bothers me is the lack of desire to seek information independently and learn.

I think the first question I get asked when I take the birds outside or to the dollar store is what kind of bird is it then they ask does he bite ? lol most of the time I say yes so they won’t want the bird to step up on their hand , meany me lol , I don’t strange germs all over my birdies geezzzz

a question that frustrates me is does HE talk? i always reply with are you implying my bird is a boy? and there like wwhhhaattt??? (i find it funny)the number one question that annoys me is when i have my budgie with me and im scratching his head and hes all playful and i get people coming up to me and saying 'oh wear did you get your budgie from mine flies away from me i want one like yours that i can pat. its like urrgghh you dont buy them like this…and there like what do you mean? im like this is called over 80 hours work with a aviary budgie…i get really smart to people but i dont mean to its just common sense…

Hmmm…a lot of people ask me how many birds I have and when I tell them I have six, they always seem to ask:"Oh so you have them all living in one cage?"When I do say I have a cage per bird, they all seem a bit dumbfounded.

I don’t get dumb questions very often. I’m always interested in education too, so I tend to take time to answer questions - it’s nice people are interested enough to ask…But I love the ‘are they messy?’ questions…lol… Oh! If only they knew…I don’t even bother putting away the vacuum cleaner unless we have company over…the hose just stays in front of the cages…