Emotional Support Cockatoo

Pretty cool. Something I’ve considered doing with Akimi as I find her wonderfully grounding when I’ve been overwhelmed with a sensory or emotional overload. She knows when I’m not feeling well because of it and makes an effort to take care of me in her own birdy way. I also have to wonder if having her as a registered support animal might not make it easier to get her across borders as well - I’m thinking about starting graduate school next fall, and a lot of my better prospects are in the US. I don’t really want to go international, but Mom and Dad have said they’ll find a way to make sure Akimi can come with me or be shipped out to me if I get better funding outside of Canada.https://www.facebook.com/ajplusenglish/videos/641563299318514/

find out how to get her designated and go for it. I really hope you can. my car was not searched when I came back into the u.s. my grandfather was a real WOP (with out papers) and came in through Canada when the Italian quota was full.