Fancy Cat is gone

My 18 year old Fancy had arthritis really bad. She could see and hear and could smell lunch meat from the other side of the house. She was so fragile that I worried about her bones. She grew a lump on her face and thought it was because of a bad tooth. I pumped her full of antibiotics but the swelling did not go down and got hard. It was a tumor. She was too fragile to go through surgery so I had to make the decision. The Vet agreed that there was nothing that he could do to help her.She does not hurt anymore and went peacefully.Sorry to dump that on you but I have no one else to tell.

I read this earlier, but had to gather my thought together before I could attempt to answer this. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend and yet I am also glad that his time of suffering is at an end. He is now free to roam without the pain and infirmaties of his physical form, and he is aware that you have done the best for him that was possible and I know that he is at peace and that he wishes you well. As do I.

Oh, Liz, so very sorry for your loss but you did the right thing, my friend! I have a 21 year old, she is a bit scrawny (no muscle mass left) and has become a real picky eater as well as a bit cantankerous in her old age and, although she is still with us, I know the time will be coming soon to make the dreaded decision.

I’m so sorry about your loss, Liz! Here is a big hug thru the web. ( { } ). Sometimes there is nothing more you can do.