Favorite things your parrot does

What behavior (natural or learned) that your parrot does makes you happiest?

Easy answer from me at least, what makes me smile is seeing them happy!I always get happy when I see they are enjoying a new toy, gulping down some new food that they tried, playing with us or when I see them in their “exploration and play”-mode. Seeing them work for treats and strengthening our bond through training is also awesome. Leroy’s progress, and the fact that he now actively seeks our companionship and that he both calls for us, and flies to us to hang out is awesome. It’s so heartwarming to see how he’s progressed since we got him. That’s whats making all the hardships with parrot ownerships worth it.I know that’s probably not what you meant, but these are the things that make me the most happy. To me, a specific behaviour isnt as important .

For me, just walking into the birdroom and seeing them well makes me happy but I am ashamed to admit that I get a real kick out of Precie’s talk -she is such a motor mouth and so very funny

I love it when my "bir talks" to his toys while he plays with them(still no people words). The noises are adorable though.

I love it when Corsair flies a lap around the room and lands on me because she wants to.

I love so much about Chance. We are each other’s best friends. We spend the day talking to each other. Sometimes our conversations are absolutely hilarious. Here is an example: Chance: “Step up?” Me: “Not now.” Chance: “Step up?” Me: “No.” Chance: “No?” Me: laughingChance: “Come on.” Me: still laughingChance: “Hey. Be nice.” (I said no to her asking of stepping up because at first she was in a sassy mood).Of course, I also love the way Chance wiggles her wings when she sees me enter a room (“pretty please!” as Pajarita has called it), the way she lets me cuddle her, the cute playing she does with her toys, and just… loving her. :heart:

I have just discovered our little Sun Conure, Bailey, loves rolling around and playing inside a cotton towel. He just flops over onto his back, grabs my finger with his claw and hangs on. He then proceeds to open his mouth and place it over the end of my finger, just like he is sucking a bottle

Conures feed on their backs when in the nest, that’s why your baby bird is doing this -but I do agree it’s the cutest thing ever!

Sissy: I really love it when she snuggles under my chin…and when she and Sammi argue like an old married coupleSammi: When he does this excited little dance and he bounces up and down like a bouncy ball.Rebel: When she makes a cat meowing sound that she learned to imitate. And when she climbs up my hand and sits there, and stares up at me with big dark eyes like a puppy.

How excited loxley gets when he sees me. Instant chatter, parroty mumbles, gurg, and rubbing his beak all over.