Feathers in Lucite or Acrylic

I wanted to encase some of Tanya’s feathers in lucite or acrylic to make little paperweights for the woman who fostered her before I had her, and for the rescue. I called a company in NH who told me that their process was hot, and it would destroy the feathers. I have a paperweight from a company called Daisyglas. It’s real flowers encased into some sort of lucite or acrylic. It seems like it’s something that should be able to be done with feathers if it can be done with flowers. Anyone have any leads, or advice?

There is a clear resin you can get in craft stores (they have kits, too): http://www.amazon.com/Alumilite-Amazing … ting+resin

Thanks. I’ll try that. I’ll experiment with a cockatoo feather so any color change is obvious.