Feeling like a failure?

Does anyone else feel sometimes like you’ve failed your bird? Feeling like you aren’t providing them enough, feeling like a terrible parrot owner? I sometimes go through these swings and just feel awful. Was wondering if anyone else feels like this at times.

Yes and yes.This thread may help you feel less alone in that viewtopic.php?f=7&t=9292&p=63254&hilit=grey_moon#p63254 but feeling bad from time to time doesnt make you a bad owner, quite the opposite, although that doesnt mean its a good thing either.

Thanks so much for that, it actually makes me feel a bit better (:

I don’t know if you’re familiar but I recently added a male a few weeks ago, so I have a female and male, he’s very similar to Shyla when she was growing up, cage/playstand and not much time spending with me, and the typical ‘what are you doing with your hands’ and that really hurt me, I tried everything in my power to build a positive relationship with my female, and the picture speaks for itself, and the male is going through the same cage/playstand, what are you doing with your hands phase, not much quality time I really spend with him because he chooses not to, so I don’t force it. So again, going through the discouragement, he also developed a fear of Shyla, inside the cage they are the best of friends, talk to each other, glue themselves to the closest side to one anothers cage, but outside he fluffs up and is in strike mode. I know it’ll pass, but it seems so far down the road and makes me think it won’t pass.

you are not alone just like with human children you always wonder if there are things you can do better.no one is the perfect parent.i feel like mine should always have more bigger house more toys and even though i’m home all day more of my attention.

Yes absolutely. I feel so frustrated and like there’s nothing I can do right. Thankfully the little bugger and I have been on good terms lately but she still is extremely territorial if she chooses and very reactionary. She definitely will not accept other people. I get concerned that if I die suddenly she’ll never have a loving home again because she bites so viciously. I take excellent care of her and she still is troubled. I would hate for her to end up in a bad home because other people couldn’t handle her aggressiveness.

I understand the feeling. As with children, parenting has its ups and downs, and having a bird isn’t much different. Hang in there. You’re on theparrotforum which of itself communicates the caring owner you are, and how much you love your bird.