Feeling like a kid again, reading your posts

I am so excited about getting my new little Half Moon in November that I am reading all of your posts about your birds. There is the one where people talk about being the only one on the forum with a type of bird. Then I started thinking I’ll be the only one with a Half Moon. I am not sure why as they are great birds. I used to put my Munchy on the pantry door to hang out in the kitchen area where all the family activity was, he always loved this, and every time my mean step dad walked by Munchy would get low and flap his wings and screetch at him. It was so funny. That was because one day my dad shook a pencil at him, ever since Munchy warned us all every time he came by. There were times when his cage was near the dinner table, and he would eat when we all sat down to eat. I never clipped his wings and he never flew from where I put him. He’d just stay there and hang out.We had so many pets in the house, three dogs so many cats etc… They all just got along.We have cats now and I don’t expect any trouble when I bring the new bird home. We have a family where all the animals accept each other. But I am not stupid either. Instinct is instinct, so my new bird will be very protected. In my room. I’m going to have a few different cages though. One for the living room, one for outside so he/she can enjoy fresh air on nice days. It’s been so long since I’ve had a bird. I read about all the toys a bird should have ect… and I feel so guilty Munchy didn’t have any. But he never seemed bored or unhappy. Probably because there was so much activity in our house with all of us girls and our friends etc…Half Moons are such wonderful birds I am surprised that more people don’t have them.

This forum is irresistible!

I am very anxiously waiting for my baby Hahn’s macaw to wean (hopefully in a few weeks) (he is 13wks now) but the breeder I got him from also breeds half moons and I was very torn between the two. I think I read that the Conure are a bit noisier than the mini macaws… But I must say the half moon has a comical feature to their faces, very cute Well I am going nuts waiting for my bird, so if it helps, I feel your pain!!Take careCan’t wait to see pictures of you baby when you get it!Marlies and

So exciting!!! Good luck!

Mr. Darcy, I didn’t Know mcKaws came in such a small package. They looks like so much fun. I saw one for sale just weaned on Craigs list yesterday in the Los Angeles area. I’ve learned so much in the past month. Between going back and forth originally between a Senegal and a Half moon, I’ve also discovered the White-fronted parrots which seem absolutely wonderful! The Cape parrot also looks like a fun bird. Maybe someday when some of our other pets cross the rainbow bridge, two of our dogs are 12 years old, and one cat is 16, I’ll get another parrot to keep my new littleHalf Moon company. Since my first Half Moon was named Munchy, probably the only bird ever with that name, I decided to name my next bird with another original name. Not george or mary or lori etc… We just watched Bambi the other day and I liked Flower’s name, but also wanted to add on to it, so my new Half Moon will be named Pretty Flower. He or she can say “hello Pretty Flower!” And I can say “How’s my Pretty Flower” lol.O.K. everyone get ready, Cause I am a photographer and sure to take many pictures!