Finally get to upload!

I joined this forum sometime in the summer and never uploaded anything and now I can! I feel really happy now!So here’s the video I wanted to upload:That was my budgie Toni!

Cute video! Toni sure is handsome!I did want to add that I would recommend you get some different textured perches other than those smooth dowels that are hard for the budgie to grip. Dowels are known to cause foot cramps and joint issues, and could possibly lead to arthritis years down the road. How about some rope perches or some natural branches?

I know I read about it too. I want to get them new perches but my mom always uses my money on something else.

Widdle some tree branches to fit through the bars. You can also use rope like a vine for them to swing on when they walk. Mine play with paper towel tubes and plastic lids more than toys. I bought plastic shower curtain rings at a yard sale - put them through the dishwasher an strung them together like a suspension bridge. They love it. I also put key rings on it for them to wrestle. Eat some popsicles and make them a ladder. Use your imagination and have fun with them. Christma decoratio are on sale now. The love the big jingle bells. You can use paper clips to attach things near their perches or hang on a string that goes to the bottom of the cage.

Wow! Toni looks great, he looks really happy! I would have to agree with everyone, he does need natural perches, but I think that because your mum doesn’t have the money to buy some, just get some off trees. Here’s a link to a site which shows a list of trees that are bird safe:

Thanks that website helped a lot. When it’s sunny out I will go and pick some tree branches. And I also need to get them a new calcium bone. He broke his and I have no way to have it back up.

Just put the old one in a corner that he doesn’t poop in. A broken one is better than none. In a pinch I have used egg shells. Clean the lining out - put it in water in the microwave to sterilize. He will pick little pieces off until you can get a new one.

Cool! Budgies are awesome

Outside branches that are ‘safe’ with leaves and other bits attached to them, are great! Hookbill birds need to wear down their beaks as they grow like fingernails, and birds chew on branches in the wild for entertainment as well, which all of our parrots need!!