FIREWORKS - a problem for our parrots?

I can recall the first few years with the Rickeybird during July 4th fireworks (and Cinco de Mayo fireworks, and to an extent New Year’s noises and such).There were the occasional flashes in the sky, but mostly the noisy booms and bangs. He would awaken and yell, and occasionally thrash a bit. I would have to go into his room and calm him and sit with him until he settled down.As time went by, he got used to it all, and nowadays, he roosts through just about anything.I thought it might be useful to bring the question up and see if anybody wishes to share about problem and/or solutions. I remember how upset he and I were back in those days.

I guess it would be the same as a night fright sitting with them for a while until they settle down.

Absolutely.Be WITH them… not out partying… recognize the potential stress…Until they get over it!

Actually, although the noise kept them from sleeping until it was over, the dogs were a lot more difficult to deal with, they are terrified of the noise of the fireworks.

Well while I was trying to sleep someone was out late at night going up and down on a motorbike and now I still cant sleep and its been nearly 4 hours.

Good time to read a book on parrots, not a screen, because of the light, it is different than a small light for reading a book.

Yes, screens have what it’s called ‘blue light’ and it keeps you awake.As to fireworks, I live in the city so, although there were a few, nothing to write home about and everybody was just fine, even the new dog which still barks for ANYTHING.

As usual the local park had a big display… a couple of school bands did some 1812 overture action… and the bird pretty much slept through it. I still checked in on him, but he was roosted on his favorite (and highest) perch. He’s such a quiet, sweet little angel WHEN HE’S ASLEEP!!!

Mine don’t care. They were sleeping right through them last night. Marianna forgot the window open and when she went at night to close it, the birds were like “whatever.” But then again there were years I intentionally took them to watch the fireworks so they already know what it’s all about.

Parrots and fireworks have a lot in common… they’re both LOUD, COLORFUL, and a PORTABLE PARTY!