First camping trip

took Baibee on his first camping trip and it went very well. he had the best view in the house!i put papers down all across the dash and put his travel cage and dishes. he loved watching all the people go by. he did real well on the trip too. i put him in the cage and strapped it to the table with a cover over it. he looked pretty scared and was very quiet but was ok.Marnie used to talk and whistle when she went is a couple pics of his was just me , the dogs and the bird. the weather was great. saw a Bald Eagle and a bear too.

Awesome! Sounds lie a fun outing with your bird!

Marnie, I noticed you have greyhounds. How are they with your bird?

The dogs are great with the bird. if the bird lands near or on one of them, they just get up and move away. sometimes they come and give me that look that says "hey mom, the bird is on the floor again".i have had birds as long as i have had the dogs (whippets) and they just know that the birds is "hands off"

oh wow! that’s SO cool. a hotel on the road and all the fandamily in tow! LOVE IT!

Very cool photos!!!