First time driving today!

Well about a week or 2 ago, I got my Permit! So today, I’m gonna take my first Behind-the-Wheel with a driving teacher. Probably gonna crash the car.

…nothing like being optimistic!

hehe i soooo remember that feeling. ive had my license for about a year now. i warned every one i knew the day before i went driving to stay in doors…

Dont get discouraged, keep driving! The more you drive the better you get!

Good luck, and don’t worry about it too much. It’s a lot of fun once you get used to it. I was so stressed out my first time that I didn’t even want to get behind the wheel. And now after only two years I drive the little postal trucks every day, wheeeeee…

I’m a couple months away from that so nervous… I’ve had scary moments before. Like pressing down the gas while in reverse. Or not steering enough and almost hitting another parked car. Good luck!

Good luck! Don’t forget to wear your seatbelt lol!!! I remember being really nervous when I first started driving. My mom made me get lessons because she was afraid to drive in the car with me!!

How did it go? I bet you did great!

pretty good except i broke a couple laws… -_-

tishihara1994 wrote:pretty good except i broke a couple laws… -_-It happens