Floor aggression - HELP!

Hi, So, I’ve this female eclectus and typically she enjoys doing nothing – just sitting like a queen on her suspended perch or on top of her cage and watching all the action. Lately, however, I no sooner open the cage door and she’s dropping to the floor – this used to be a pretty rare occasion that always caused problems. She becomes a nightmare on the floor. She’s aggressive, disobedient (refuses to step up until it gets ugly), hides under furniture, charges our feet, bites more than usual. I know she can’t be on the floor, so historically we get her up and back to somewhere high before she gets ugly. But lately, if she’s out of the cage, she’s dropping to the floor and causing problems. Any idea why she’s hellbent on hitting the floor when she used to be so happy just witnessing? I hate having her locked inside the cage all the time, but I won’t deal with her nastiness. She’s about 8 years old and perfectly healthy. Any help would be appreciated!

Only one part I can help you with is the foot attacks. Rambo (the pedestrian) used to attack men. I had a friend who had no feeling in his legs. When he came over Rambo would really lay into him but he did not notice. Rambo gave up on him and actually started anouncing his arival with “Harold’s here”. Rambo does not attack men anymore.My only suggestion is to wear long pants and shoes and ignore the attacks. They will stop.

Female Eclectus should not be allowed on the floor. They have very very strong nesting instinct and they will protect their site with great ferocity. You’re asking for trouble, it’s only going to get worse. She will find a spot she likes and will defend it with her life. This behavior cannot be changed, you just have to make sure not to give her opportunities.You might want to subscribe to Laurella Desborough’s Eclectus newsletter, you will learn a lot.

Thanks for these two replies. Unfortunately, I can’t ignore my parrot’s attacks or I’d end up in the hospital. She draws blood, bruises and risks her own welfare because when she latches on, the reaction is to do whatever you can to get her off. For the second poster, of course I don’t WANT her on the floor. My whole point was that she never used to head immediately for the floor the way she has in recent months. She used to spend the whole day hanging on her perch or atop her cage quite happily. How can I give her some space outside the cage without her heading straight for the floor? Is this a seasonal hormonal thing that will pass? I haven’t found that in any of the books I’ve read. The poor bird hasn’t been out of her cage in weeks now because she’s so aggressive after she hits the floor. Any help?

Really, you should subscribe to Laurella’s letter and ask questions there. You will get an answer very quick by very reputable and knowledgeable Ekkie people. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eclectuspetownersgroup/ I only have a male, so this is not familiar to me. I know someone who gave her female a box to use as a nest, and her female didn’t guard the whole floor anymore, just the box. Of course you need to position it in a spot where you don’t need to walk so you don’t get attacked…Let us know how it goes.