For Now I am Winter

Have you guys ever heard a certain song that provokes a certain feeling or emotion? There is album called “For Now I am Winter” (made by Ólafur Arnolds) that really does that for me. For now I am Winter pretty much means hope, like waiting for the warmth of spring to come. I listened to called “Old Skin” a lot during my trip to the animal shelter in Kanab. It makes me sad because it remains me of the days before we got Lilly, when I still had hope that a parrot could work. Another song, called “This Place Was a Shelter”, brings forth a feeling of anger and loss, that’s what I felt when Lilly had to go. Anyway, I’ll get to what this is about, although that was sort of relevant. I’m trying at parrot ownership again. I’m doing it differently this time, however. I’ve set up a family meeting that I’ll present to them going over all the pros and cons of parrots, with absolutely no sugar coating or under estimations. I’m making them fully aware that if they say yes, this will be a huge dedication for them. They are saying yes to taking care of the parrot alongside me, getting rid of Teflon (my dad loves his Teflon), dedicating time and money. The reason Lilly didn’t work is because my family never really said yes, they were just trying to make me happy. So to speak, they weren’t willing to be committed. They expected me to completely do everything and, when we all live in the same house, that doesn’t work. They might have to help once in a while. I will not commit to a parrot unless every single person in my family willingly commits as well. Obviously, I will not get a large parrot or powder bird. Aratinga conures or small amazons at the biggest. So, I’m hopeful they’ll understand. Although, I’m convinced the answer will be a strong “no”. Lilly left a bad taste in their mouths. So, I’m just hopeful right now.For now I am Winter.

I should also mention the fact that, if I can’t find a parrot that I absolutely know is right for us at the shelter, I will not adopt one. That was another problem with Lilly, she was sort of an impulse adoption. I will keep an open mind at the shelter.

Matt I feel your pain and hope that you get a better future. Any bird that gets you as a human will be very happy.

liz wrote:Matt I feel your pain and hope that you get a better future. Any bird that gets you as a human will be very happy.Thanks

You have precisely the correct fame of mind and attitude, my dear. You are going to be an OUTSTANDING parrot keeper (I don’t like to call ourselves ‘owners’, I think of ourselves more like ‘guardians’).If I may make a suggestion, although I love aratingas, they can be quite testy and noisy and that might throw your parents off so I think that either a female GCC or an older amazon hen would be the ticket. Amazons have bad reputations but, in my personal experience, it’s the males that usually give you trouble. The hens all end up been very sweet-tempered even when they have not been treated right and might be a bit ‘difficult’ at the beginning, they are good eaters, good bathers, affectionate, independent and, even though they can be quite loud in their vocalizations, these are not frequent at all.

Alright, I gave the presentation. I won’t have a definant answer for a while, however. My mom and brother seemed to take everything in to account. But, my dad kept toying with me and laughing at everything I said, which kind of pissed me off, but that’s not relevant. I honestly have no idea what their decision will be at this moment.As for Pajarita, thanks for the information. I was more using an Aratinga as a size staple than a species recommendation, but I’ll definently take that information into account.

I don’t know if it is a trait in Amazons but mine are clingy. If they disagree they will defend their opinions. Mine will tell me off if they are loosing the battle. They even mock me. I never let my human kids talk back.

Well, I for one, am right with you as your Dad’s attitude really sucked, in my opinion. You went through the trouble of trying to address the issue of parrot guardianship in a very adult manner, allowing for everyone that would be involved to speak up about the pros and cons of living with a parrot in their own perspective and all that you were asking for was an honest response and your father did both you and himself the disrespectful disservice of treating this like some sort of joke. Totally shameful ! Now that I have vented in an area that I probably should have remained out of, I feel that I need to continue with this… Many times when someone acts this way, they feel embarrassed that for some reason that their input is Trivial or unjustified. Perhaps he needs you to step up, maybe privately to explain that regardless of what it is that caused him to act in such a manner that his opinion is very important to you and it doesn’t matter if his objection may seem to be of less importance or unfair that they are still his opinions and are still his opinions and important to you. Maybe this will help to get him to open up and give this his proper attention. In the cycle of life winter is or can be a very inspiring and deceptively productive time. At a time when people were dependent on the food that they could grow, this was the time for the fields to rest in preparation for the spring planting, fertilizers had been spread on the fields and was now working into the soil enriching it. This was the time that what was produced the previous year was examined in the light of not only what would be needed the following year but also taking into account what the previous years crops had removed from the fields and what should therefor be planted in the spring to replace these nutrients in the soil to produce not only a better harvest in the fall but that still would provide that which would be needed to carry the family through until the next harvest. Winter can be a very productive time and there is certainly not any less to be done it is just that its importance is often easily overlooked or not fully appreciated as its benefits are not always the most obvious to see.we

Well, sometimes, parents don’t give enough credit to their children for their knowledge -and it really has nothing to do with disrespect or even how old the kid is, it has to do with parents been older and having more experience and thinking (correctly in most cases) that they know best. And, when it comes to birds and what their needs are, older people tend to think they KNOW all there is to know when, in reality, they don’t because they simply have not ‘kept up’ with the subject and, as bird husbandry has changed so very radically in the last 15 years or so, they are woefully behind the times… Don’t take it personally, though, my dear, but do try to explain to him that you’ve put a lot of work and research into the subject and that you would appreciate it if he could take you seriously on this. But, personally, as long as your mother is on board, I think it will be more than enough because mothers are usually the nurturers, caregivers, feeders, cleaners, etc so if you are going to need anybody’s help, it would be your mother’s.

It is pretty widely known whether it is admitted to but the male wanting a happy home will usually do what the female wants. Keep Mama happy and the whole house is happy. I think of this as true, but meant it in humor.