For Senegal Parrot

Hi everyone!My name is Loukas.I’m a new member at this forum and this is my first post. Well i want to buy a senegal parrot from the pet shop near my house. They have one but he is 1 years old. I don’t know if he is in the right age or not. Isn’t better at the age of 2-3 months to start the basic training(step up, etc…). Which is the right age for a senegal parrot and generally for every parrot to start train. Senegall parrots like to stay at home for the sleeping time or not. When i buy him i should let him a week to a place to start meet us and his new environment?Thank you very much

For basic training like step up age isn’t that important. A parrot can be trained at any age. However, when it comes to forming bonds and relationships getting an early start is usually best. Also it’s a chance to raise it to be accustomed most to your lifestyle without baggage. However, if you know what you’re doing it’s not impossible to do with an older bird.

Thanks for your answerYou tell me that 1 year old senegal parrot is a good age to start train. Beggining from step up and stay on my hand and on my shoulder to more difficult tricks. In addition i want to know if senegal parrot is easy to train. How much hours did he need at first? Your lovely senegal parrot killi at what age did you take her and start the traningThanks

Hi By the way at first i will use the clicker which i bought from you on ebay are there good for starting?thanks

loukas, I recommend reading as much as you can about training (positive reinforcement) and be sure to watch Michael’s videos on this site… it’ll give you a good start on what to do.Personally, I don’t use a clicker, as I find it difficult to hold along with treats and possibly a toy and/or the bird… So, I use a “verbal” bridge as reinforcement. Most people prefer it one way or the other, so do what works best for you.Good luck!

Thanks gabbagabbawillMy senegal when i give him food like nuts, he took it and he waits until i get out to eat why is this happen? What i should do to make him eat when i am near him? How to start the training?Thank you very much!

all parrots need time to learn to feel comfortable eatting in front of us. humans have eyes in front which makes us predators and they have eyes on the side of head making them prey. no wonder they are hesitant to trust us. good luck with your senegal, they are sweet parrots.