Fossil bird has pygostyle!

The size of a pigeon, this early bird is the first one found to have a pygostyle - a bony thingy that serves as anchor for tail feathers and muscles to move them (and which allows them to maneuver, land, take off, etc by moving, fanning, etc the rectrices) that dinos did not have but modern birds do and why this fossil is said to ‘fill the gap’ between them. PLUS the bones found were not flattened as fossil bones usually are but placed in a more 3 D manner so they could reconstruct the body with greater accuracy. So cool, right?! … I5NDg5MgS2

My son has figured out "which came first the chicken or the egg". It was the egg. The bird that laid it was not quite a chicken. It laid an egg that the first chicken came out of.