Found a lost parakeet/budgie!

I’ve not posted here in a bit and usually just lurk, but I’m trying to reunite a parakeet I found with it’s owners. The parakeet was found earlier today by my neighbors. (My husband and I took it in from them since my neighbors have zero idea how to care for a bird.) It is acting what I consider to be VERY quiet, but it is night time here AND I’ve never owned a parakeet to know how they usually act. It looks and feels to be a healthy weight. It is hesitant about me getting near, but allowed me to touch it a little, so it obviously isn’t wild.Facts:-- I am in eastern MA, near the RI border-- the parakeet DOES have a band with a legible numberIf you have lost a parakeet and want to check if this is your bird, please PM me with the color and band number for your lost bird and I’ll see if they match the baby I’ve got here. Additionally, please spread the word if you know other owners who have lost a parakeet but who do not come to this forum.I’ve never done this before and don’t know how much information I should give out while looking for the owner, as opposed to how much I should make people give to me to prove it’s their bird. If anyone has any advice for how best I should proceed, it would be welcome. I intend to put a great deal of effort into this, as I can’t imagine the utter panic I would be in if I lost my own baby boy!! (I also doubt my boy would be interested in sharing his mommy bird. )I’ve already checked many online lost pet sites, but came up with nothing matching this bird. Tomorrow, when businesses are open, I’m going to start calling around to avian vets in the area and see if any have the parakeet’s band number on file.Thanks for reading!–Morgiana and Bijou, good bird!

Thank you for posting this and for helping this bird. I wish there were more people like you doing this.

Thank you for taking him in, they are so little that it’s very dangerous out there for them. Please call animal control, rescues (dog and cat, too), birdclubs, vet offices, petstores, birdclubs and post in and Don’t say what kind of bird it is, just say ‘a small parrot’.