Found green cheek conure

Hi parrot peopleOn Sunday night we rescued a beautiful bird - which we’ve since discovered to be a green cheek conure and named Connie - it was flying into shop windows on Market street in Nailsworth on Sunday night (24 August 2014). The bird was found shivering and dazed, although it is now fine, and has settled well into a cage we’ve bought on ebay. We’ve researched food for conures and it is eating well and more than happy to sit on our shoulders and hands and be stroked and petted. We have got quite fond of it already, though we are aware it isn’t ours and someone is probably quite sad to have lost their lovely bird. It has a purple leg band around its ankle with a code on it. Is there some way of tracing her owner through this?I’ve told the local pet shop and vets. What else can I do to try to reunite it with its owners. Quick before we fall any more in love with it!Thanks Oli, Nailsworth

The band may lead you to the breeder who may have a record of who the owner is. Some radio stations will announce lost pets for free, just don’t give a description of the bird or its species as any one who responds needs to describe the bird, tell you what it is or tell you what is on the band. It is possible that the owner doesn’t know what the band says as they are hard to read. Just say that you have found a pet bird and that owner must identify the bird to recover it. Thank you for being kind enough to rescue this bird and honest enough to try to find its owner as this loss is as hard on the bird as on the owner and both suffer for it. Wish there were more like you in the world.

Yes, ditto, thank you so much for rescuing it! Post in and and post fliers (no picture or species) in a 3 mile area from the point where parrot was found. Call animal control, rescues and vet offices asking if anybody has reported a lost bird.

and here … d-register run by John Hayward and has been going years. Basically look for information on what to do if you lost your own parrot but change the info to found. Use social media to spread the word.Remember birds can fly miles and miles- especially over time (never hurts to remind people of that, I once responded to a sighting of a grey who had been out 8 weeks if it was the same one only to be told oh no that’s 20 miles away. 20 miles over 8 weeks is no distance at all… turns out it wasn’t the same bird but if it had been mine I would have been looking for it in a heartbeat just in case)Definitely get prospective owners to ID the bird but I don’t think there is any harm in putting “green parrot found” that way your not getting other lost parrots owners hopes too far up, there’s loads of green parrot species so your not giving too much away imo. Look for parrot societies in your country- they might be able to help you trace the ring no. as some supply rings to members