Free Alexandrine Parrot (Female)

Free Alexandrine Parrot (Female) to very good home only. I would prefer the bird to go to a person that already has an Alexandrine as they already know much about the bird, its behavior, noise, etc.I have had the bird for 1 year and received the bird from a person who I worked with, they had the bird for approx 3 years and I think they were the first owner.The bird is not tame and has an extremely loud scream, so much that we cant put the bird with our dog in the back yard, as the dog gets scared and he is supposed to be a big guard dog. The bird is now at the front close to our room and with my own baby on the way soon, wouldn’t be good for a sleeping routine.I live in the Mt Druitt, NSW area, so you can come and pick up or I will deliver to you after business hours or on the weekend.

beautiful bird! wish i lived closer. good luck

did you find a new home for your parrot? i hope things are ok now…

Congratulations on deciding to get rid of your parrot.

dorp wrote:Congratulations on deciding to get rid of your parrot.No need to be snarky goodness… It sounds like the critter would be happier with a person who can accommodate the birds demands.

Ignore Dorp, I’ve only seen him say one sensible thing the entire time he has been here and even that was probably a joke.