Free cat adoptions!

As you all know, I also rescued dogs and cats so I felt the need to share this with you: several SPCAs are holding free adoptions for cats or a voluntary donation set by you. I knew about the one in Manhattan doing it on Black Friday, the one in Washington County, Md doing it every Friday, and there is one also in Bucks County, Pa going on until the end of the month so, if you are interested, please check your local SPCA. There are SOOOOO many cats in shelters and they languish there for years and years… some of them end up living their entire lives living in a cage which is a terrible, terrible life for a cat! Some people have the wrong idea about cats, thinking that they are not affectionate or loyal but that cannot be further from the truth! My cats are obedient [they come when you call their names and know and obey several commands] and VERY affectionate. As to loyalty, one of my great uncles took his recently deceased wife’s two cats to a farm about 50 kilometers from the capital where he lived. The cats disappeared the following day and showed up at my uncle’s door more than a month later - they had walked all the way! … estigation … enter-2016

A man adopted 3 kittens from a flea market. The man on FB posted a picture of his snake and posted that this is were her kittens were.I don’t like an animal given away free. The price should be at least $50 then backed down to free to someone you know will give them a good home.

Liz, the ASPCA makes you fill out an application that has three pages worth of questions and conducts a personal interview with each applicant. The truth of the matter is that anybody can get a free cat, even without going to the free adoptions at the SPCA. Is there cruelty against animals? Yes! Way too much! But the way to fight it is to change the laws, something that we, animal right activists, have been fighting for years. Unfortunately and although I do not like to talk politics with anybody these days, politics plays a huge part of animal rights and protection [as well as environment and humans!] .