Gave bird antibiotics, he won't stop screaming

So, I took him to the vet as you all suggested and I’m pretty glad I did. He has a slight fungal infection in his mouth, so they gave me antibiotics for it. I gave him his first dose of the day annnd… Now he won’t stop screaming.Is this due to me giving the meds to him and he’s just annoyed? I really don’t know what to do.

What did the vet prescribe for him? How was it to be administered?

Its called Nystatin, and I’m to give it to him orally for the week through one of those small needle dropper things. Sorry, I can’t remember what they’re called.Ever since I got back though he’s been much more vocal, I’m not sure why.Even right now, I just got back from getting a Gram Scale to weigh him with and he’s chirpin’ up a storm. Normally he’s not constantly chirping, just kinda on and off.

When was the last time he ate and what did he eat/ Also have you seen him drink since you gave him the meds?

I only just gave him the meds today and needed to go back out afterwards, so I haven’t seen him do much of anything sadly.As for eating, well that was the issue I was concerned about. Which was why I brought him to the vet as you all suggested on my previous thread. Turns out he must be eating something since he is defecating, just not much apparently. If he does eat its going to be the food I have for him in his cage, its a seed mix with some pellets.

I understand and It is possible that he is hungry, but it is possible that his mouth hurts and is making eating difficult for him. If you have some apple sauce, preferably the unsweetened kind that you could warm up slightly and offer him some, he might try to eat that. you could cook him a mix of veggies and run that through a blender and offer him that. I think that he may eat better if he has some soft food for now.

I actually do have some natural applesauce. If you mean without any cinnamon, or anything in it, then yes it’s unsweetened. I’ll try giving him a little bit.My father does make juice for him and I, its a mix of veggies and fruits. Would I be able to offer him that? It tends to have some pulp in it.

Yes , the applesauce is good and cinnamon makes very little difference usually as a lot of birds like it. The juice that you mentioned sounds great as long as it doesn’t have any avocado in it. I would offer some of the pulp as well. We all need some fiber in our diet.

Nooope, no Avocado also no Spinach I know.He didn’t take to the applesauce much, doesn’t seem interested. I’ll have my father juice, or something tonight. Perhaps he’ll try it if its in a small cup/bowl.Ah, I really appreciate all the help and advice you’ve been giving me.

What you are giving him is not an antibiotic, it’s an antifungal and the problem is, most likely, not in his beak but in his crop. But sweet stuff is bad for yeast (it makes the fungus grow) and babies cannot be fed just fruits or juice (there is no protein in them) and he’ll end up with diarrhea from eating just that so what you need to do is buy some hand-feeding formula and feed him that three times a day with a feeding syringe or a spoon (be careful not to make him aspirate it) . Please do not waste any time getting it because this little guy hasn’t had a good meal in too many days and I am sure he is already weaker than he should be for it. Also, take into consideration that only birds with depressed immune systems get fungal infections (if they are strong and healthy, they don’t because their own body fights it) so he needs food asap and rich food at that or he might get so weak that he won’t feed at all and die.