GCC or Maxi Pionus?

Hi,I’ve been thinking about getting a new parrot this summer and have narrowed it down to either a green cheeked conure or maximillan pionus. I have about $800 dollars to spend on it, including the cost of the bird, cost of cage, food, and toys. I will be busy in school and will only have 3 or so hours each day for the bird. Also I want to get a bird that is cost effective. The GCC I am looking at is $200 with the cage, food, and toys. The maxi pionus is from a rescue and is $350 without anything else, but comes with a vet exam done. Which would be better in the long run, and for a beginner parrot owner? The GCC is good but I’m worried it might be too active. The maxi pionus sounds good too but is expensive. Which bird should I get?

I would say, research them both and go with the one that will be most compatible with you. Handle them both and see what they are like. $350 for a pionus is actually a really good price. Lots of pionuses sell for at least $500. Make sure you get a good quality cage and pellets and get toys that are appropriate for the size of the parrot. If you have to wait to get enough money for a good cage that will last the lifetime of your bird, it will be more cost-effective in the end. Cheap cages can have toxic metals or rust out in a short period of time.And please be aware that a bird is not an animal that you can just stick in a cage with some toys and leave it alone most of the time. Make sure that you can devote time to training and interaction with your bird. They are intelligent creatures and need plenty of mental stimulation, otherwise they get bored and that opens up a whole host of behavioral problems…

My dear, please don’t take this the wrong way but a young person going to school cannot have a happy parrot unless there is a parent in the house taking care of the bird during the day. You will not have the time for it because parrots need to interact at certain times during the day and they need to be kept at a solar schedule or their endocrine system goes out of whack so, unless you are going to school part time (and no part-time job and no boyfriend) and have access to emergency funds of your own (an AV emergency can cost more than $1,000 if the bird requires surgery or ICU), it would not be fair to the bird.