GCC playing dead?!

Emmi loves to wrestle and play. Her favorite thing is when we position one of our large pillows on the couch, to make a tunnel. She will run back and forth between my husband and I and shoot out the other side…SURPRISE! Hop hop hop! Then flip over on her back and bat your fingers with her feet. Then run through the tunnel again and shoot out the other side! Back up when you see her…shoot out again! Attack with the feet from the side and maybe a soft beak. If we happen to be looking away…she runs up our sleeve and then down again or she will climb the top of the pillow until she has our attention…then back to the tunnel game. If this little bird wants to play…she won’t take no for an answer! But last night, she added PLAYING DEAD! Which scared me! I thought there was something really wrong or she had gotten scared somehow, but there was no real reason to be and she was making her happy cricket sounds instead of the unhappy duck sounds. She had a leg injury two weeks ago so we had been extra gental with her too. She shot out of the tunnel, turned on her side, then spread her wings a little and laid there still, all before I had a chance to lift my hand. I waited for a few seconds…nothing. Just when I thought to pick her up to see what was wrong, she jumped up, hop hop hop in a circle, flipped on her back, and pawed the air waiting for my fingers. Then she tried it a few more times until she decided she wanted her head scratched instead…and again, she won’t take no for an answer. Lol Does anyone else’s parrot play dead as a part of play? I’ve seen wild birds do it when threatened…but never a pet?! And for sure she is playing. She’s far from hand shy and we were far enough away from the pillow that there is no way we could mistake play from “I feel trapped.” But it certainly was surprising! I guess she won the game.

Omg, I want to see a video of this this routtine, pretty please??She can’t possibly get any cuter.Your descriptions make me laugh so much, cricket, duck, shuttlecock with legs but I completely get what you mean

The shuttlecock with legs was the other new green cheek lady, but that made me laugh too! Lol I really do need to get this on video! I need to open up a youtube channel? Or can I just use photobucket I wonder? I did get one video last night, the first time I told her what her name was…she pooped lol I was like sigh…ok lol I will experiment with that video and see how to put it up here!

KimberlyAnn wrote:The shuttlecock with legs was the other new green cheek lady, but that made me laugh too!! Ops so it was. Very sorry for the confusion lol.You can post pics on photobucket but I haven’t done, figured I may as well open an account on you tube.

http://static.photobucket.com/player.sw … EO0052.mp4

Well, I guess that didn’t work…at least for me on my phone. Lol

No I cant see it either on computer

Here are all the videos I have of her that came out “ok” lol No playing videos though. I will get some tonight! I will have to break out my real camera and get some better quality videos…and pay more attention to where I’m pointing the lens lol I pay more attention to Emmi I guess! But as a photographer…omg! Lol http://www.youtube.com/EmmisAntics


Emmi was so tired today so this is the most I got out of her. Lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KE6ufBx … ata_playerShe just wanted to cuddle. I guess my step daughter was home all day and they played for hours. She will sleep good tonight!

I’m really enjoying hearing about these GCC antics - Emmi sounds soooo cute!