Hi,So our baby tiel is ready to go and we picking him up Saturday! I can’t wait!

Woooohooooo! Look forward to hearing all about him

Woohoo cant wait to hear about him

Do not forget to post photos!!!

The breeder has sent pictures since he was a little fuzzy! I will try and upload them when I can, maybe do a little timeline like a baby book Can’t wake to pick him up tomorrow!

We will be wanting those pictures ^^!

So George is here he’s eating already, had a shower which he loved from my mister bottle, preening… Haven’t seen him drink but he got lots of moisture from the bath. Have offered in his cage too obviously. Will keep an eye on that. Nice droppings and feathers apart from a little sticky where he had been eating egg food from the younger babies! Any ideas on how to remove this apart from the shower? He flying really well too!! Heard a few chirps from him and he’s been playing with toys and sitting on his perch on one foot!Oh he also learnt step up already!!!

Where are the pictures of George then?

Yes, photos! The first days are so exciting…I hope you have so much fun! I’m really interested to hear how George takes to trying new foods. It’s such an advantage to get a youngun’. When was George’s hatch day? You probably know this as a longtime owner, but nobody ever told me and I wish they had: Since baby 'tiels are prone to night frights that can bust up blood feathers, make sure to work with George on letting you extend his wings so he gets used to it straight away…Enjoy your new baby!!!

We can already do that. He’s not had a night fright yet. He did fall off his perch one night while trying to eat in the dark but he only flapped a little before putting himself back on the perch.He can step up, be cuddled, open his beak and we can check his wings. Working on the flying to target, he still a bit of a wobbly flier. At the moment he is with my mum because of emergency house repairs. Soon as he back I will upload photos