Getting a second bird

I really, really would love to get an African Grey, I have ALWAYS wanted one! But I don’t want to do anything that would upset my Jodi pie! Would introducing a second bird upset her, or is she likely to make friends with this new fella? I don’t want to get a second bird and have them hate each other! They would obviously have their own cages, but as Jodi does, so the new bird would spend a lot of time outside the cage, would they be able to share a playstand and be with us together for example? I wouldn’t want to make Jodi and unhappy bird by getting a second bird!

Your guess is better than ours cause you know your parrot. How does she feel around other people? Does she get jealous when you’re not paying attention to her? etc.However, you can only guess. You won’t know till you try. You have to be ready for them absolutely hating each other to the point that it’s dangerous and you can only have one parrot out at a time. If that’s a risk you’re willing to take, then you can give it a shot and it can only play out like that or better.

Hey , don’t know a lot about your zon , Jodi, I’d find out he / she reacts when your around other birds or small kids, I can say you would have a better chance with Jodi if he’s a immature male than if she’s a mature bonded hen.However there are very few absolutes when dealing with amazons, I have 2 hens who share perches,food ,cages etc, and another who would kill any hen zon i even looked at.