Getting to know you!

I haven’t seen anything like this around here, I’m not sure if they are frowned upon or not, so I am sorry if they are. I know we kinda say hello and all in introductions, but I thought this might be fun too. I look forward to reading everyones!Name: JulieSignificant other: MarriedKids: 2 boys! Almost 8 and almost 2.Pets: 1 cat- Whitley aka Bubba KittyJuniper- QuakerKokomo- LovebirdScarlet O’Beta- Beta Fish50 gallon tropical talkFavorite pastimes:Reading, writing, cooking/baking, and a nice cup of good coffee.Favorite Sport (to play or watch): I hate any and all sports. Color: Blue!Dream car:Cj7 Jeep Renegade restored by my DadFavorite Food:I love southern cookin’, bring on the fried chicken and mashed taters! I also love mexican food. Favorite Drink (alcoholic or not):Iced sweet tea or a nice margarita.Last time you laughed:This morning at my toddler!Last time you cried:A few days ago, feeling pretty blue.Favorite tv show:GLEE!!! The Office, 30Rock, Modern Family.Favorite Tv show that got cancelled: Pushing DaisiesHidden talent:I can try the cherry stem into a knot with my mouth! Otherwise, I got nothing!Signature Song:“Here Comes the Sun” The Beatles.

I’ll chime in. Name: Kaela. Like Kayla, except my parents wanted to be “original”. This has resulted in being called “koala” way more times than I’d care to admit. Significant other:Boyfriend of 5 years.Kids:None.Pets: Pigpen, budgie.No Name, budgie.Cheney Bird, green cheek conure. Cheney, cat (lives with my boyfriend).Favorite pastimes:Reading, watching football, occasionally cooking, photography.Favorite Sport (to play or watch): American football. Particularly the Raiders.Color:Green.Dream car:None. I actually prefer to walk. Favorite Food:Anything Mexican.Favorite Drink (alcoholic or not):Water. If we’re going alcoholic, I had this amazing drink in San Diego at Ricky’s Diner and I will forever be dreaming about it. I just don’t remember what it was called. Last time you laughed:A few minutes ago at damnyouautocorrect.comLast time you cried:I don’t know. Favorite tv show:Criminal Minds because I have an insane fangirl crush on Matthew Grey Gubler. White Collar because I have a slightly smaller fangirl crush on Matthew Bomer. Jeopardy, Big Brother, Survivor, House, Glee.Favorite Tv show that got cancelled: None so far. Hidden talent:I have a wealth of random information that would be wonderful if I ever tried out for jeopardy. Signature Song:I currently have 1922 songs in my playlist, so to pick just one is kind of hard. I also like an insane variety of music, and even though I associate songs with people, I seem to not be able to pick one for me.

Name: AnitaSignificant other: EngagedKids:LOL no.Pets: Tropical Aquariums, Kitty, BirdiesFavorite pastimes:StarCraft 2, Reading, LearningFavorite Sport (to play or watch): Rugby to play, Real Football (Soccer) to watchColor:Blueish PurpleDream car:Jeep WranglerFavorite Food:Bibimbap, SushiFavorite Drink (alcoholic or not):Virgin CaesarLast time you laughed:TodayLast time you cried:Not in a whileFavorite tv show:Dexter!!!, Modern Family, HIMYM, Breaking BadFavorite Tv show that got cancelled: Don’t have oneHidden talent:I have very nimble asian fingers that can fix anythingSignature Song:Justice is my favourite band, D.A.N.C.E. is my favourite song by them, not so sure about the sig deal.

Name:AlyssaSignificant other: Einstein.Kids:SomedayPets:Einstein - cockatielBonnie - budgieClyde - budgiePascal - cowEugene - cowMaximus - cowStewie - shih tzuFavorite pastimes:Watching movies, I watch at least two movies a day. Animals of all sorts. Reading, a book a week. Favorite Sport (to play or watch):I really enjoy swimming. I’m also into doing quirky things; zorbing, cliff diving, zip lining, rock climbing. Color:Green of every shade. Dream car:None. Favorite Food:I am a huge foodie. French, Italian, Greek, Mexican, Indian, Cajun, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai…I’m willing to try anything. Favorite Drink (alcoholic or not):Timmies Iced Caps. That and water. Last time you laughed:A few hours ago when Maximus the cow licked my on the cheekLast time you cried:Yesterday, watching "Never Let Me Go"Favorite tv show:Vampire Diaries (regrettably), Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, Glee, Fatal AttractionsFavorite Tv show that got cancelled:Ready or Not, Popular, Crocodile HunterHidden talent:Trivial Pursuit Signature Song:Map of Tasmania - Amanda Palmer

Name: RebeccaSignificant other: Married, 11 years nowKids:NopePets: Jolene my lovely birdyRaya my German ShepherdScooby, a Danish dog breed called Danske HønsehundFavorite pastimes:Watching movies and anything artisticFavorite Sport (to play or watch): Hate hate hate sports. The only thing worse than watching is playing… Color:PurpleDream car:Jaguar!!! The old kind, not the new modern one. And it has to be green.Favorite Food:Belgian food, really miss it. Favorite Drink (alcoholic or not):Water.Last time you laughed:Yesterday at work.Last time you cried:Last week at work when I got fired. But funny enough thats what I was laughing about yesterday.Favorite tv show:Dont really have one…Favorite Tv show that got cancelled: Monkey BusinessHidden talent:Making jewelry and I consider myself a pretty good painterSignature Song:Anything by R.E.M.

Name:marySignificant other: nopeKids:naww…Pets:rainbow- green cheek conuremr. salamander- the random salamander that lost his tail and lives in my back yard. He turns up every couple of monthsFavorite pastimes:reading, writing terrible fiction, art, animals…Favorite Sport (to play or watch):kayaking/hiking/swimmingColor:green? blue? brown? well, a mix of thoseDream car:um, anything that can lug my stuff around and is cheap. Favorite Food:tomatoes, basil, and fresh mozzarella on a baguette with a pinch of salt and olive oil. yummmFavorite Drink (alcoholic or not):…water? or a really good smoothieLast time you laughed:in the park an hour ago. crazy friends=too much laughingLast time you cried:dunnoFavorite tv show:doctor who, glee, degrassi, buffy the vampire slayer, and so many othersFavorite Tv show that got cancelled:firefly, heroes? I dunno which shows got cancelledHidden talent:me? talent? ha.Signature Song:right now probably anything from Mumford and Sons but I can never choose just one song or artist

Ooh how fun!!Name: LyzSignificant other:Married - one year in July!Kids:Gracious no… I’ve got a few more years of BEING a kid!Pets: Well I almost have an ekkie in my house (as soon as he’s weaned) but the animals that live with my parents are still my pets 3 dogs: German Shorthaired Pointer, Toy Fox Terrier, and Heinz 572 cats1 CAG1 Sun conure1 African spur tortoise2 sugar gliders1 leopard gecko3 Rouan ducks2 pygmy goats2 quarter horses1 AMHA mini horseAnd in years past we had stuff I’m sure I can’t even remember, we had mice, rats, hamsters, chinese water dragons, rabbits, anoles, and a few other little birds like cockatiels, lovebirds, and a rainbow lorie. My mother owns a zoo!Favorite pastimes:Anything with music: I’m a singer/songwriter/guitarist and an aspiring violinist/pianist… I’ve tried playing just about anything… talented multi-musicians make me jealous!!Favorite Sport (to play or watch): Team sport would have to be Ultimate Frisbee!! But for myself, performance horsemanship, mainly reining, cutting and ranchwork. Anyone who says it isn’t a sport should go tack themselves up a 1000lb animal and try to make it manipulate a herd of 20 or 30 other animals. Color:Orange!!Dream car:Car… 1970 Triumph Spitfire. Vehicle… 3500 GMC Sierra. If gas weren’t $230981092 a gallon I’d take a pickup truck everywhere.Favorite Food:I’m mostly Norwegian and not at all Italian, but I loove pasta!! Fettucini alfredo with chicken and broccoli… I’m getting hungry just thinking about it…Favorite Drink (alcoholic or not):Water? Alcoholic would have to be those blueberry lemonade Smirnoff mixers… mmmLast time you laughed:All the time!! My hubby’s a goofball <3Last time you cried:Mmm, Wednesday. After getting married I temporarily moved to Georgia for Nate’s school… I’ve been down here for 10 months and still get homesick Favorite tv show:THE OFFICE!!! (I’m from Scranton!!) Although recent seasons have been crappy… hmph…Favorite Tv show that got cancelled: Little House on the Prairie!!!Hidden talent:I can hand-whistle pretty well, that always gets a few thumbs up. I can also make a clover with my tongue. Less impressive. Signature Song:Way way way too many. I absolutely love Iron & Wine, though, and my wedding song was “Such Great Heights” Awesome idea, Julse!!!

LyzGrace wrote:Signature Song:Way way way too many. I absolutely love Iron & Wine, though, and my wedding song was “Such Great Heights” I think I might love you. I absolutely LOVE Iron & Wine and NO ONE I know has ever heard of them! I love “Such Great Heights”, but my favorite is “Love and Some Verses”. And I’m from PA, too! Not Scranton, but the Lehigh Valley.

I know Iron & Wine, and I don’t like them…

GlassOnion wrote:I know Iron & Wine, and I don’t like them…A couple years ago, I would have probably said the same thing. I find my musical tastes are vast and ever expanding. A bit odd, too. I have everything from George Strait to Tech N9ne to Iron & Wine to Jane’s Addiction. The only thing I really can’t stand is opera, it gives me a headache. Or anything with a fiddle.