Global warming and tropical birds

This is an article based on a study done on tropical birds in Panama and how/why they will not do well with climate change (this is an excerpt from it:"Because the tropics are relatively stable weather wise, tropical birds aren’t able to handle environmental disturbances as easily, physiologically or behaviorally, as temperate-zone birds"This is not the first one I have read about the fact that tropical birds will do much poorer than other species in adapting to global warming and I think it’s very important that we keep this in mind as so many parrot species are tropical. It’s also interesting to note that this information is, in a way, validated by what we know about parrots not been able to adjust to change in general - they were never equipped for it because it was not needed! … ing-world/BUT, on a completely different note, they have found that climate change is already making an Australian species of parrot change (a ‘fast track evolution’ sort of thing!) by making their wings longer - how very interesting, isn’t it?! … ge/8152602

A couple of interesting articles.On the second article on wing lengh it doesn’t mention anything about general size of the bird as that could be increasing too which would account for the increased wing size.I have noticed in the UK that wood pigeons are distinctly larger now than when I was a child, probably due to better feeding with all those bird tables out.