Gnat infestation in bird room!

Has anyone every had a huge and by huge, I mean literally hundreds a day of pesky gnats? I think they came in on plants from out side and at first it didn’t register with me until they multiplied by thousands; I have tried herbal organic animal friendly sprays, vinegar and honey,wine, sticky bug strips and glue traps, even a bug zapper and the only thing I am somewhat successful with is using the wand part of my Dyson and sucking them up all day long. This is a serious problem! Apparently they repopulate like rabbits only daily. :confused: I can’t use pesticides or bombs because of the birds so any suggestions? I’m thinking I am going to have to remove everyone out of that room, seal it off and treat it chemically but will this harm them when I put them back in?? Bad bad situation! I am at a loss. If anyone has any solution, please let me know.

I had this problem with my birds, especially during warmer months. But there really is only one way to get rid of them entirely.Clean Clean Clean.Clean cages DAILY. Use newspaper and swap it out every day, or use a type of bedding you can sift out easily with a pooper scooper (have a grate under my cage, so I use the walnut bedding). Daily cleaning is a lot of work, and it can suck if you have a lot of birds, but really it’s the only guaranteed way to get rid of the bugs.For fresh foods, fruit, etc. Do not leave it in the cage all day. If you have pellets/dry food you can leave that in the cage, but if you have fresh food I would pull it after allowing your bird to have their fill for an hour or so in the morning & I repeat the process in the evening. (she has free-access to however much pellet/dry food she wants)if after doing this over the course of a few days or week then you have a different source of the bugs you need to address: is there fruit/rotting matter laying somewhere out of sight? Is there standing water or other “debris” somewhere nearby that is attributing to the issue? The only surefire way to get rid of insect invasions is to remove their food/nesting source.

Clean the bird room, and I mean WELL with apple cider vinegar mixed with several drops of rose geranium essential oil. Rose geranium essential oil is anti-bug stuff.