Going to the parrot palozza in Burlington NJ?

I am going to the Parrot Palooza at the bird paradise store in burlington NJ. i have never gone to the palooza but i did go to the store. If you are anywhere near there (or even a couple of hours away) its well worth the trip. The store is well stocked, huge and the amount of birds they have is amazing I have never seen the huge food variety anywhere else. they even have a toy making room that is totally stocked. i was there 2 hours before i even started shopping…i could of been there all day.The Palooza looks to be a great time… Seminars, raffles, toy making etc. Dr. Pepperberg (alex and me) will be speaking there. the seminars are free… I am staying over friday nite… is anyone else going? If you are, it’s a great time to meet.http://bird-paradise.biz/parrotpalooza1.htmi would love to hear if anyone else will be there.


Wow that looks fantastic. I’ve been to that store once before. I’ll go to see Dr. Pepperberg, that will be incredible. I emailed them with some questions and I’ll let you know what I find out.

from what i understand, friday nite is meet the speakers. I am going with a girl that works with me and her mom friday afternoon so we can be there for the meet and greet friday. Then all day saturday for the seminars, classes etc. If a bunch of people from forum will be attending it would be great to meet at a time, or wear something that identifies who we are. Breakfast Saturday? just a thought. I am so excited. When i was at the store i spoke to one of the employees who told me about how big the event is…sounds like a blast!From what i got, Dr. Pepperberg seems to always be there for this event…

Anybody decide to go to NJ for the parrot palooza?

I was there last year… it was great!! Not this year ( live in Holland)…

hey…anyone decide on going to the palooza? its the following weekend! sounds like a blast!

If I were closer I’d probably go.I’ve seen it advertised for years and have always been tempted but never went.

I’ll probably be there Friday and Saturday.