Gone for three days

And every night I dreamed about birds!I was off in another city, training for the opening of me and my step-dads chip truck. Of course I missed all my birds dearly, and I guess it manifested itself in my dreams.I dreamed that I was at petsmart, and I happened to find a pink budgie. I decided to bring it home and breed it, because there are no red budgies. In another dream I was looking at different species of birds. In one window, there was a GCC, and in the other window there was a white headed caique. It was completely blue. Anyways, I got home tonight, and Einstein practically leaped on me and attacked me with kisses. The budgies had a great wing stretch and did laps around my room. It’s good to be home where I’m needed

Awe! They missed you! You didn’t take one with you? Pink parakeet - I think you need a bourke!