Good foods to try?

I am training Lilian a lot, and she is only motivated by warm bread and rice,she likes seeds sometimes, but i need a training food that doesn’t need to be heated, or specially made. Just a simple, small, tasty snack. I tried blue berry’s, cran-raisins crackers, ext. Any suggestions? If anyone Has a cockatoo please tell me what you train it with.

I don’t use any food rewards, I just tell them they are good birds, make a big deal out of it and give them love. But all parrots would kill for anything with high protein. But, of course, this implies not free-feeding it which is something you should not do anyway.

None of my birds are rewarded with food as I prefer to use affection and contact. They like it as well and will do nearly anything for a good head or beak rub.

If it will work for any bird, it would work for a cockatoo. i will try it!

But i still need that sort of treat to do with the puzzles, as for training, i will try pets, and if not, it leaves me with dun dun dun…riceballs.

Now she does it, i tried a riceball and she learned wave in the 1st riceball session.Its like she knew what i wanted her to do, but didn’t humor me until i did her favorite food, riceballs.(she just likes to chew the bread more than eat it.)

Pajarita wrote:What’s a riceball?when you take rice and roll it into small balls, lily loves them, too bad i don’t like rice.

Details, what holds it together? What are the ingredients?

Wolf wrote:Details, what holds it together? What are the ingredients?Not sure, my mad likes to make them when we get rice, i will ask and tell you as soon as i find out.