Good news thread

I figured we can all use a happy ending story what with all climate change bad news we are getting daily (scientists worldwide called for Climate Emergency while this administration decided to get out of the Paris accord , Amazonia burning, illegal loggers ambushing and killing leader of tribe called Guardians of the Forest, etc. ). … 3-40378997

Firefighters save 20,000 ducklings! … vi-AAJDtx9

A species feared extinct in the wild has been seen! … ar-BBWBkpG

Video of rescued animals enjoying themselves in a sanctuary: … y-inspire/

That is beautiful. So glad they are happy.

Yes,it is. I love to see animals that have been abused enjoing life again. It makes my heart good…

Three cows thought drowned by Hurricane Dorian were found alive! … M4NzI0MwS2

Partial success: elephant rides are now banned in Unesco World Heritage Site Angkor Wat, Cambodia … ng-forest/

Animal right activist member of Indian Parliament rescues severly injured monkey, covered in maggots - it’s now on its way to recovery. … ed-monkey/