Got some bad news about the rescue parrots

I’m not sure everyone remembers, but over a year ago I had rescued a bonded pair of Green Cheeks. I paid the vet bills and helped build up their health; got them on pellets, fruits, and veggies, let them exercise, etc. After they were healthy enough I brought them to a parrot sanctuary. It’s a wonderful place, in the summer the birds have access to a huge outdoor aviary as well as an indoor aviary. Today I got news that my two little conures, Salt and Pepper, passed away. Salt became egg bound and they were unable to save her. After Salt passed Pepper became depressed and stopped eating. They brought him to a vet but the vet was unable to save him, he passed soon after. I’m so sad to hear this, these poor birds had such a tough life, they were in horrid conditions before. I try to tell myself that at least they got to experience love, warmth, good food, and freedom for awhile before passing away. Imagine if they had passed away in their previous situation, without anyone to care for them? I still feel incredibly heart broken too I was planning on going down this weekend to visit them too. I will still being going, since Baby the Cockatoo is still there and doing really well

I am so very, very sorry for your loss.

Im so sorry, but remember this, you gave them the life they deserved, a good life.

I am sorry for your loss but eggbinding is not something that should happen to a bird in a sanctuary. The people who care for them should be more knowledgeable than that.I’ve kept canaries for exactly 45 years last March, have been breeding them for over 17 years, kept parrots for over 20 years and have never, ever had a single hen eggbound. It is ENTIRELY preventable if you know what you are doing.