Got the 2nd bird bug!

Hi all,I’m new to the forum. I would like some advice about getting a second bird. My first bird is a GCC named Piko, who I adore. I was afraid of getting a big bird as a first bird, but now I am thrilled and have been researching for a second bigger bird. I have decided on a cape and have a deposit on an egg He/she will be ready by June. I do know that Piko has to be number one and always shown it. I also know to take Piko for another checkup before I get the new bird. Do you all think it’s ok for me to ask the breeder if I can bring my bird to introduce each other before I bring the cape home? Is that a good idea? I also know to separate them in different cages, etc. How do I introduce them? Whatever information you all have will help me be the best mom I can. I’ll keep everyone posted after the hatch. Thank you for all the posts I have read so far.

I doubt the breeder will like having your bird visit his birds, they have a large investment in their operation and would hate losing it all to some hidden disease that your bird is carrying.Your in for some very rude awakenings if you don’t start thinking about diseases being transfered around,ie; washing your hands before and after visiting the breeder /petstore, what you track in on your shoes and clothes, and especially quarantining new additions to your flock.It’s easy to get lackadaisical about such things when you only have one bird and it’s not exposed to other birds. There are several threads under the health topic about quarantining and such. Be careful would hate to see you lose a good fid or two.As far as introducing the birds to each other after quarantine,the slower and further apart the better, once you push them too fast and one bird dominates the other because it perceives it as a threat, It’s over.,you’ll really have an uphill battle then. I don’t mean to be harsh or ugly it’s just a bit of a reality check, good luck with your new baby. Welcome to the forum , i hope i don’t run you off, this really is the best forum around with the nicest people from all over. Browse thru some of the different topics, lots of good info here.

Awe, Captwest - how could you chase people off? You just tell it like it is.Aliceslomi - I’ve had multiple birds for a very long time now (about 20 yrs). At one point I had birds ranging in size from cockatiel to M2. I feel very strongly that the owner can set the tone for the birds. In my house, they don’t need to be best buds, but no one is allowed to hurt another. Everyone has their own cage, and only one bird on a play stand at a time unless they are best buds. No one is allowed to go attack another household member be it another bird, dog, cat, person, etc. Probably best to have their cages across the room from each other to start with.

Do plan on a quarantine period even if your GCC is healthy and the new bird came from a reputable breeder and is certified disease free. At a minimum you can make sure the cages are several feet apart and make sure to wash your hands and change any clothing hte bird has touched between handling them for about a month. It’s better to have a separate room with a separate ventilation system, but that’s not always practical. And you may want to take the new bird to the vet on the way to bring it home.I’ll just add that introductions should be gradual and VERY well supervised. A Cape is a LOT bigger than a GCC and could do serious damage. We don’t really let Scooter and Scotty interact directly, although there is a budgie/Cape pair belonging to another forum member. I understand from her posts that they accidentally introduced themselves, but have proven to get along well, so if it is a priority, you can certainly give it a careful shot. Scotty and Scooter are housed in the same room, only about three feet apart and keep each other company that way. They do contact call each other sometimes when they are out and about the house, so they are a flock even if they don’t interact physically.Michael has an article on introducing birds, but I’m not sure where it is… you might want to check his blog.