Green Quaker Parrot Vs Cockatiel

Hello guys. I’m quite new to the forum, and new to owning birds. Have had 2 parakeets for about 3 months now. I will be moving out of my parents place soon, into an apartment. What are some pros and cons for cockatiels and green quaker parrots? I’m leaning towards cockatiels at the moment. My grandparents had one when I was younger. I’m looking for one that is wanting to leave the cage. (parakeets are too scared to leave the cage, I can get them to step up onto my finger though) and have them sit near me.

What species of parakeet do your parents have? Quakers are also parakeets and are illegal in some states.

A quaker would not work out in an apartment, anyway, their calls are way too loud and shrill and the neighbors might complain. I would go with a pair of hand-fed tiels, not a single one (too lonely!) because a single tiel can drive you nuts with their calling and calling and calling (they need another tiel to be happy so, when they are by themselves, they call out all the time).

I never mentioned my parents own birds. I have 2 parakeets though. I figured the quaker parrot might be too noisy for an apartment. They seemed like quiet talkers in some videos I watched.

Sorry to have misunderstood you in your original post, I didn’t mean to offend you.