Growing Up Together

I have not been here in a long while, but I used to post here frequently. My son and the bird have kept me so busy! Emmi the bird is almost six and Anthony is almost four. Both act like raging three year olds, except my son is a little bit more mature then the bird. This picture was taken on sharing day at the school I teach at. Right after a big dance party with all the children, something Emmi loves to do when she visits. I was so proud of both of them that day. Emmi for doing her roll over trick (something she never does outside of our home) and Anthony for teaching his friends that birds should be flighted to breathe better and that they can’t just eat seeds. Anyone else have feathered and non feathered kids growing up together? Let’s share some pictures!

AWWWW! And what a handsome little boy!!! All my kids were grown or almost grown when I started with parrots.

Thanks! I’m really glad you are still around, you always have such valuable information. I’ve been catching up on your posts. I’m so ready to switch up Emmi’s diet again…and my own too!

I’ve already changed all the parrots diets to the winter one. I do it gradually though… I start by reducing the protein in the gloop, then I stop the sprouts, then I reduce the protein in the seed mix and I slowly start using more cruciforms, root veggies and seasonal fruits like pomegranate, oranges, etc.