Guard parrot XD

Anybody else have a bodyguard with a beak? Got progressively sicker last night (in a relationship you share everything—even the stomach flu ) and yours truly this morning is running a fever and sleeping on towels with a bucket handy.Jacko has (just like always) been extremely extremely clingy and defensive—I was trying to get some sleep and she crawled under the blankets and slept with me. Her daddy (with whom she has an ‘interesting’ relationship) was trying to put her on her sleep tree for the night and she just would NOT have any of it. Its happened every time I’ve been under the weather—she will not and does not tolerate him or anyone else near me or trying to remove her from me. He has to break out the towel/t-shirt and even then she savagely attacks it, finally steps up and then flies back to land on me and resume guarding the perimeter and engage in battle with either his hand or the t-shirt It got to the point she was crawling backwards and ended up fighting off the towel while standing on the side of my head I love that bird XD who needs a guard dog? She’s also happy to be paid in head scratches and chamomile tea

Yes. Both are guard parrots.My mother was close to death for 2 years. Hospice came in to help take care of her. Rambo would get up early to eat then walk down the hall and climb up my mothers bed. He stayed with her all day every day to the point where I had to bring him food and water. When she was mentally not with us he stayed in her room at night. I had to put a small feeding and night cage in her room. When a nurse or aid came in he had to be there to make sure no on hurt her. The whole county knows of Rambo. Hospice, EMS and everyone else who provides care have spread the word and even taken phone pictures.My daughter had a stupid baby boxer. He never did anytyhing right. Rambo was walking on the floor and the puppy was following too close. Rambo could not scare him off. Myrtle did a strifing run on him like a fighter pilot. Scared him half to death but being stupid he did not learn. Myrtle took it on herself to be Rambo’s protector when he was walking (Rambo does not fly). This was before he would even acknowledge she existed.

Those are the sweetest stories liz! <3

my is my guard bird, if he’s on me and anyone gets too close he lunges and says my mommy then he rubs his head on my cheek and eyes them to make sure they understand .if they don’t move quick enough he’ll bite.

"My mommy". Now that is really possesive. Not only does he guard you but warns people what he is doing. LOL