Happy B'day, Wolf!

Today would have been Wolf’s birthday… I was thinking about him yesterday while I was giving the parrotlets cage a good cleaning as they are being picked up today by the lady who will give them their new home.

He seemed like a very kind person. He is missed.

Indeed, kindness and empathy were, in my personal opinion, his most outstanding traits but he also had a sharp, inquisitive, open mind. I so miss the wonderful debates we used to have…

He didn’t give me any warning. I knew he was sick but I thought it was sick like me. You know, an illness that won’t let go and has to be lived with.It was such a shock to me when I read that he died. I am still not over it.I met him once but I loved him. He was special.

His death caught everybody by surprise because although we knew he had lung cancer, the most recent tests he had done showed that he was responding to the chemo and that the tumors were becoming smaller. I don’t know exactly what the cause of death was but it might not have been the cancer itself but that his heart just stopped because when you have trouble breathing for a long time, the heart suffers terribly (most people who has had asthma all their lives end up dying of heart failure).