Happy Christmas eve!

Just a quick one to wish you a Happy Christmas Eve! I am leaving now to celebrate with in-laws and some children (back home, we celebrate Noche Buena -Christmas eve), tomorrow is grandkids coming over for brunch and to open presents and Saturday is the third celebration in Long Island with other kids (too large a family to fit in one day ) I’ll try to post as I have the time and, as a teaser: I got an early Christmas present last night! a 10 year old female sun conure with, most likely, liver damage from too much iron (more details to come).

Happy Christmas Eve to you to and Merry Christmas and I hope your new sun conure is ok.

Oh, there you are Paj. You weren’t on all day yesterday. I figured you were busy with something, but I wouldn’t have guessed a new bird. Have fun with your family and your new conure! And Merry Christmas to every one out there!

I also want to wish everyone a joyous Christmas.

JessiMuse wrote: Aww, That is so cute!!!Merry Christmas Everyone!!And I hope your new SundayConure is well!!

Merry Christmas everyone.Ollies received a new foraging toy (about a week ago so a bit early!) which he will share with Rena one she’s out of quarantine.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

I hope every one feathered or not had a wonderful Christmas.