Happy New Year!

To all my friends in birds and their families.I have a notebook that I keep in my night-table where I write down things that interest me, some for further research like words, phrases or even names of recipes I don’t know, some merely to remember them. One of the ‘to remember’ ones was something that I heard in a movie. The scene was about two teenagers that had had real bad childhoods (alcoholic parents, foster homes, etc) and one of them was trying to cheer up the other one who was very depressed and she said something that pretty much describes my feelings so I wrote it down to share it with you:Sometimes, things get hard… But, no matter how hard they get, the birds will always sing in the morning! That’s what I always tell myself.And, I don’t know about you but, to me, my birds are a constant and 100% reliable source of joy so, no matter how hard things might be at the moment in my life, being with my birds lifts up my spirits every single time.And thatś what I wish for you: the ability to always find joy in your birds, same as I do.

Beautiful."The birds will always sing in the morning".

Yes, I also think it’s a beautiful sentiment - kind of like Orphan Annie’s ¨The sun will come out tomorrow¨Of course, parrots don’t really sing but, in my home, there is always a canary or two singing and I wish I could explain what hearing their song does to me… For one thing, in my personal opinion, a house is not a home without a canary singing in it but, for another, birds truly fills my heart with ‘joie de vivre’ something that, literally, means joy of living but which I once read translated into ‘exhultation of spirit’ and that’s, to me, a more accurate translation of the feeling it brings.