Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Just wanted to stay that, to all the birds and their people!

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the U.S.A. from your neighbours to the north (we had ours on October 11, 2010)! Enjoy!

Us "cannies" already celebrated Thanksgiving last month…shame though, I really love a home cooked turkey dinner!Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans!

Happy Thanksgiving! And thanks to our Canadian friends for the warm wishes! What’s a traditional Canadian Thanksgiving dinner? Same as here? What’s everybody making? I’ve been cooking all day today and will half the day tomorrow. Poor birds are getting as much attention as usual today. Here’s our menuorange brined turkey breastcornbread dressingmashed potatoesgreen bean casserolefresh orange cranberry saucemashed butternut squashrollspecan piepumpkin piechopped apple cakebanoffee pieI think that’s it. I love to hear what everybody makes differently in different regions!

I think every family has their own little traditions when it comes to food. Our menu is:TurkeyMom’s hand made stuffing Mashed potatoes rollscorn salad cucumbers with sour cream (I think that’s just my family )Meat piered jello (with the meal)fresh cranberry saucegravyApple Piepumpkin piepeach bread puddingAnd lots of wine.

Mmmm… peach bread pudding sounds awesome!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow american forum members.Melisa and zazanomore, can we all come over for dinner tomorrow - everything sounds so good.And, Melisa, our Thanksgiving dinner is similar to the american version. Usually turkey, potatoes, veggies, stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc.

Come on over! You can play with the parrots while you’re here!

Not gonna be any turkey around here.Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, from Richard,Josie and the rest of the flock.