Happy thanksgiving!

I hope everybody has a very happy thanksgiving!!! Now I have to go back to cooking

Thankyou And to you too

The forum was down when I tried to get on it yesterday and I thought that it would not be up until today, apparently it got fixed much sooner. Any way I hope everyone had a great turkey day.

Yes, it was down when I tried earlier, too, but found it on the second try. I am now rushing through my morning chores 'cause we are going upstate NY for the second Thanksgiving. We are having a third one tomorrow (large family -LOL) but, as I am not cooking or driving far for this one, I will be able to squeeze some time on the forum - I am interested in the raw diet concept but need to look at it closer.

I hope yours was good too. I’m not the kind to usually enjoy thanksgiving (way too many people in one house), but this year was pleasant for me.