Harness training

I am new to the world of parrots and to give you the short story we acquired a timneh that is 13 weeks old she is doing quite well with us so far. In a previous post I mentioned starting to target train and was advised to wait a little while. Well currently our baby is clipped(pre clipped by breeder), I know people are going to give opinions on how we shouldn’t have purchased but that’s in the past.Back to our parrot, her clip was explained to me as a slight clip so she cannot gain too much altitude. She has taken flight multiple times since we’ve had her and is quite good for such a youngin. I do intend to let her feathers grow out and leave her flighted. So based on that I need to buy a harness because we are pretty active and I would love to take her outside plus I heard its good for them in regards to socializing and sunlight etc. my question is if I order a harness in the near future is it too early to begin harness training her or would it be best to give her more time? Also I’d just like to say thanks to everyone who has replied to my other posts this site has been a treasure chest of knowledge!

It is not to early to desensitize her to the harness-just put it near and let her play with it. I caution you, however, that the instructions that come with it can traumatize your baby. I followed the ones that came with my brand X harness and poor Corsair spent the whole “first trip outside” trying to chew her way out of the thing. After that, I got an Aviator, but when I would hang it on her training perch, she would walk over and drop it off the end. Cute, but sad. It took months to get her to let me put it on, and she still hasn’t built up much duration.Use Michael’s instructions from the start and you will be better off http://theparrotforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1329Just remember that babies will let you do things once that they really don’t like and go slow.


You’re a bit late to start baby harness training but it may still work out. With baby birds you can just stick it on them and they learn to get used to it much much quicker. I’ve been harnessing Truman since I got him and he is far more tolerant of the harness than Kili. Once they get older, then you have to follow the training methodology to convince them they want to wear it.With a baby it’s going to be less about the treats for putting it on and more about the attention and cuddling you incorporate. Just make sure you are putting it on and off gently and don’t create any trauma. Less of an issue with desensitization when a bird has not yet developed fears. Just make sure you don’t partake in creating them by doing the harness wrong. Be sure to start using it whenever outside immediately. A light clip can turn into a long flight outside.