Has any one else seen something like this

Bandit was stressing a bit about the new cage and also found his escape route where the bolt on bowls are he sticks his beak through the gap because its long and thin and he flicks up the little latch and opens it. Anyway after he got out I gave him a small bowl of sunflower seeds and then sat back down on my chair and I was watching him, he would do a trick before taking a seed it was like he was becoming independent or something.

Ollie can escape from his cage, it took us ages to figure out how he was doing it as the bowls were sliding back into place, but we don’t encourage it and put extra locks on to prevent it. If Ollie is in his cage there is a good reason he is in his cage, like the windows are open, we are cooking or something like that. The cage should be a place of safety so it kind of defeats the object if the bird can just let itself out whenever it feels like it.

Yeah the bowls where it open have a little latch which he flicks up all I gotta do is tighten the screw right up and he can’t flickem up

Our parrotlet is an escape master too, especially with the slide up type doors, We had him in a smaller 18 x 18 x 18 cage and he would be right back out within about 30 seconds, then when I saw how he was doing it I used some bread twistie ties on all the doors except the main door where we bought a clip to keep it from being lifted up. For the new cages he began testing the doors the same way so we bought more of those clasp type clips for all the feeder doors and twistie tied all the others shut. The main doors have a double lock on them that he can’t reach from inside the cage but I still need to check that this latch hasn’t been moved by him… so far so good on this one . Those little ring clasps are great for the feeder doors too since they go on and come off quick and easy for feeding and cleaning the bowls.