Have you had one of these?!

A birds nest hairdue? LOL!I seriously about fell over when she did this, I did not see it coming at all. She’s even FALLING ASLEEP up there like it was made just for her. OH my gosh please don’t poop in my hair!

I never had hair long enough to be able to tie it up that way.But when my hair does get to my shoulders, Piper does like to go hid under it with the end result that we only see his feet sticking out at the bottom.

I’ve never had that happen, but Cheney Bird will often perch on my head or under my hair if he’s on my shoulder and my hair is down.

LOL! My hair is always super short, so no. But it’s really funny!

OMG that is so cute!! but ya "pleeaase dont poop…" does she do that a lot?

So far every time I’ve had her out for longer than a few minutes at a time. At least twice. Didn’t find anything in my hair but again, I took an immediate shower. I don’t want her on my head but she prefers it to anywhere else! That is going to take some training. I just thought it was too darn funny! The breeder loved it, she said they were the best pics she’s ever received once one of her birds has gone home.

Ahhh… that is the most adorable thing ever! Just let her stay! It’s doubtful she’d poop where she wants to hang out!

Yep and I guess she didn’t!Hey is your bird Isabeau named after the hawk from LadyHawke by any chance?

Yes she is! I love it when people know who she’s named after! They are all named after cool characters.

I like the band, "Ladyhawke"