Hello everyone I’m Stacy and I have keets and ties

Hi my name is Stacy I just turned 30. I have 6 parakeets and just adopted 2 cockatiels I names Gomez and Morticia. It all started with getting a parakeet names Nutella ended up with 6, recently with battling depression I wanted to add a cockatiel to my flock as I’ve seen and heard they are great pets who like to be around others. I came across a add on Craigslist and well you know the end :heart_eyes:. Now working on taming my new flock members. I am so excited about this forum and can’t wait to learn more and more.

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Hello Everyone!
This is our flock! Ozzie is a Blue & Gold Macaw, Joe is a baby Red Lorded Amazon, & Emmy is a Quaker Parrot… :heart:


yikes, battling depression? yea, I have been there before and am still working on it. Just hang in there, it will get better. Also, you have such pretty babies. they look like they get lots of love!

Thank you and yes it does suck and I love my birds because they help me threw it. Their like my second babies because as my kids age they don’t need me as much but my feathered babes will always need me as much as I need them❤️.

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yup, when I got a bird I finally realized the difference in a pet and a companion. they are such special creatures!

What’s the baby who still missing fathers?

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