Hello from flock Schneier!

First of all hello! I am so excited to be in a forum with fellow parronts I’m pretty sure all my friends are tired of me constantly talking bird to them so yay I can converse with my people! I currently have 3 birds in my flock, Gwydion (jubilee macaw), Kale (black headed caique), and Wally (Solomon island eclectus). I’m sure we’ll have some more additions in the future as birds are like chips and you can never have just 1. I have quite a bit of experience working with birds but am definitely not an expert I am constantly absorbing as much information and knowledge I can about them, I am here to learn! I worked 3 years at a bird sanctuary that was mainly macaws but many other parrots where the owner who grew up in the islands taught me as much as he could, I also spent 2 years working in rescue and fostering birds. I’ve had over 40 in my house at one time and man was it chaotic. Thank you so much for reading and getting to know me and my flock.

Wally is going on 19 years of age and is the sweetest boy ever he enjoys listening to music, eating all the pomegranate, and destroying bells.

Gwydion is the newest addition she is a jubilee macaw and still a baby, well a moody baby haha. She loves herself, anytime she passes a mirror she has to zoom and get a gander at what a pretty bird she is. She does have a peach addiction problem though so there’s that. Other than that she loves to destroy toys and bask in the sunlight when she isn’t trying to preen my freckles off.

Kale is my husband’s number 1 girl, she kicked me from my spot. When we went to pick her up we immediately noticed her toes on her feet were messed up but we still happily took her home and got her to the vet asap. One of her toes had a tourniquet of sorts on it and was having circulation issues. The vet worked on it and she made an amazing recovery where she really gets around now. She is definitely the clown of the house and loves to boost my husband’s confidence by constantly whistling at him.

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Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: I cannot imagine having 40 birds at once. How was that? Loud I imagine lol